AED Program Management

The American Heart Association recommends AED Program Management services be provided by an outside agency that specializes in professional medical direction and ongoing oversight. Organized community lay rescuer CPR and AED programs have reported survival to hospital discharge for victims with witnessed SCA as high as 49 - 74% where AED Program Management services are provided to ensure the readiness of the AED and lay responders (AHA Science 2005).

Kansas City First Aid has teamed with Dr. Kuttenkuler to provide ongoing medical direction and oversight.

Professional oversight provides your Early Defibrillation Program with Professional Medical Oversight Services. These services help to protect you and your business from liability under the Good Samaritan Law, and allow you to maintain compliance with all federal, state, and local governmental regulations.

Professional Medical Direction and Oversight Includes:

  • Medical Authorization and Physician's Prescription(s) for your AED(s).
  • Notification of AED Placement with local EMS, including the filing of appropriate paperwork.
  • Ongoing Medical Oversight Direction under a licensed physician
  • Access to online webportal with company wide AED information including location, serial number and accessory expiration dates.
  • AED Program Administrative Guide including Emergency AED/CPR Response Protocols, maintenance records, AED usage form, and more.
  • Post-Event Clinical Review Services by a Physician.
  • Notification whenever batteries or pads are near expiration, or whenever responders need to be scheduled for CPR/AED re-certification.
  • Monthly E-Mailed maintenance reminders.
  • Free on-site AED site assessment within 60 miles of Kansas City(Teleconference outside of 60 mile radius)

Medical Direction and Oversight Service Subscription Fee: $99.00 Per AED/Per Year

You do not have to purchase an AED from Kansas City First Aid, nor does your AED have to be newly purchased to subscribe to Professional Medical Oversight

Medical Direction and Oversight is available for any make or model of AED.

To purchase or renew your annual Medical Direction and Oversight Subscription use the product button below. One of our representatives will contact you within 24 - hours to obtain information regarding your AED(s). Your Program Administrative Guide and supporting documents will be mailed within 48 hours.

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