AED Site Assessment — A Great Way To Start off the New Year

Prepare your facility for a cardiac emergency with an AED site assessment. Kansas City, Johnson and Jackson counties, when was your last AED site assessment conducted? Did you know that over 350,000 people die every year from cardiac arrest in the United States? Having an accessible AED Device and trained workers ensure a quick response. 
The American Heart Association recommends defibrillation within 3 to 5 minutes, ideally in less than three minutes. Every additional minute lowers the rate of successful resuscitation by 7 to 10 percent. To achieve a good response time, there must be enough AEDs in the right places, a way for responders to communicate about the emergency, and enough people trained to respond quickly.
AED devices should be placed so that they are:
·       High visible, such as wall-mounted
·       Near expected responders, such as in security vehicles or at the first aid station
·       Tied into your communications system, either by automatically triggering a call to security or nearby telephones
·       Accessible during all shifts or hours of operation
free AED Site Assessment is available in the greater Kansas City Area. 
During your AED site assessment, we will take a survey of current AED devices, review their placement, inspect them to ensure proper working condition and take a count of trained personnel. We recommend all personnel, including volunteers should be offered training. The more personnel trained in a given facility, the greater likelihood of a timely response. Remember that most trainings should be refreshed every 2 years. 
The goal of an AED program is to have multiple responders and multiple AEDs arrive at the scene of a medical emergency. Redundancy is better than inexperience.  

AED Site Assessment in the Kansas City Metro 

Be prepared in the event of a cardiac emergency by equipping your facilities and training personnel on how to use an AED Device. The easiest first step is contacting KC First Aid today. 
Kansas City First Aid’s in-person training model allows for instructor-led training and immediate hands-on application of the class topics. Students practice accompanying skills and leave the class with their certification cards. We offer this type of training for small and large groups or in corporate settings.
For more information about scheduling an AED site assessment or other first aid training, contact KC First Aid at or 913-980-5420.
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