BLS Certification Classes are Available to Healthcare Providers

BLS Certification Kansas City First Aid Classes for Healthcare Provider

 BLS Certification classes are training courses established to teach a higher level of medical treatment to first responders, qualified bystanders, public safety professionals, paramedics and healthcare providers. Basic Life Support, also known as BLS, equips you with the skills needed in order to help someone who is in respiratory distress or cardiac arrest, life-saving care until they are able to reach the hospital for further treatment. During the BLS Certification classes, you will learn how to perform initial patient assessment, rescue breathing techniques using protective equipment such as a pocket mask, face shield and bag valve device and CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation). You will also receive training on providing relief to someone who has choked and has a blocked airway whether they are responsive or unresponsive.

Kansas City First Aid offers onsite training to healthcare providers residing within the Kansas City Metro area and both Jackson and Johnson Counties. Their flexible and convenient BLS Certification classes are designed to cater to whatever your unique training demands are. All courses include two-year certification from a nationally accredited program, American Heart Association, Medic First Aid, or ASHI and you must have at least six participants in order to receive onsite services.

 BLS Certification classes for healthcare providers is intended for those who work in a medical setting. These healthcare professionals include but are not limited to; physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacist, pharmacy students, dentists, dental assistants, nursing students and physician assistants to name a few. The typical course length is between 3-4 hours and a written/skills evaluation exam is required in order for you to receive your completion card and become officially certified.

If you are a healthcare provider and seeking to get your BLS Certification, Kansas City First Aid can get you trained and certified.  Give us a call today at 913-980-5245 to schedule your training course!