BLS Certification Classes For Your Team, At Your Location

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BLS certification classes are available for your team, and at your location! For those who work a medical setting, Kansas City First Aid has many BLS certification courses that can keep your current workforce up to date with their certification status.

For onsite private training to occur, you must guarantee a minimum of six participants, yet can accommodate up to 24 students per class (depends on the training room size). If you cannot guarantee a class minimum, we suggest sending your employees to our regularly scheduled public courses that are open to the community.

In order to facilitate an on-site BLS certification class, we will need a TV/DVD player, conference room type table or folding tables, and chairs for each participant to conduct onsite training at your location. Mannequin practice for our courses is done on tabletop, which means no getting down on the floor to practice.

We will provide certified instructors, training supplies, and student workbooks (purchased separately). Each BLS certification course includes a two-year certification from a nationally accredited program, The American Heart Association, Medic First Aid, or ASHI.

Feel free to email us to schedule your onsite BLS certification class or call us at the number below. We are happy to help you set up your next training session. If you have employees that cannot make the onsite training session, we always have community courses available. Our current public training schedule and sign up is available at our website.

At Kansas City First Aid, we happily serve clients in the Kansas City Metro Area including Jackson and Johnson Counties. If you are interested in hosting an onsite BLS certification class for your team, contact us today to get yours booked!

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