BLS Certification vs First Aid Training: What’s the Difference?

Basic Life Saving or BLS Certification in the Kansas City Metro Area throughout Jackson and Johnson Counties is different than First Aid Training, but both are valuable classes and we will review them in this blog.

BLS Certification

BLS Certification is a training class for healthcare providers or aspiring healthcare providers who may care for patients in a variety of settings, both inside and outside of the hospital. This may include physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, physician assistants, residents, fellows, pharmacists, pharmacy, nursing or medical students, dentists or dental assistants, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, police, fireman or other allied health personnel.
The Basic Life Saving BLS Certification course includes the following
·       Initial patient assessment
·       Rescue breathing with face shield, pocket face mask and bag valve device
·       One and two rescuer CPR for the adult, child and infant with and without an advanced airway
·       Use of supplemental oxygen
·       Use of an AED on adults and children
·       Relief of choking with a blocked airway for responsive and unresponsive victims of all ages
·       Special situations for healthcare providers
This course takes a half-day to complete, includes a written skills evaluation and the course fee with materials and completion card is $67.

First Aid Training

Whereas BLS Certification is for those in a medical setting, First Aid Training is for those in a non-medical setting. KC First Aid offers several variations of First Aid Training (Adult only, Adult with CPR and AED, Pediatric First Aid and Pediatric with CPR and AED). The class you choose will depend on your specific goals and work setting. 
The First Aid Training classes include the following: 
·       First Aid Training Basics
·       Medical emergencies
·       Injury assessment
·       Asthma care training (pediatric courses)
·       CPR & AED (select courses)
These courses take between two and four hours to complete, include a written skills evaluation and the course fees with materials and completion card is between $75-$95 depending on the course.

BLS Certification and First Aid Training in Kansas City

Be prepared in the event of an emergency, whether in a medical setting or not. Knowing how to treat an injury, handle bleeding or choking, or providing CPR can save a life.
Kansas City First Aid’s in-person training model allows for instructor-led training and immediate hands-on application of the class topics. Students practice accompanying skills and leave the class with their certification cards. We offer this type of training for small and large groups or in corporate settings.
For more information about Basic Life Saving BLS Certification or First Aid Training Courses at KC First Aid, visit or call us at 913-980-5420.