CPR Certification Classes Available On-Site for Your Team

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CPR certification classes through Kansas City First Aid are available on-site for your team, at your location! We know that each of our clients are unique in terms of their resources and training needs when it comes to life saving skills in the workplace.

With our onsite training program, you select the CPR certification class most relevant to your needs, provide a training room able to accommodate at minimum six participants, a TV/DVD player, and conference room style tables or folding tables and chairs. We’ll provide certified instructors, training supplies, and student workbooks (purchased separately).

Each onsite CPR certification class must have a minimum of six participants up to 24 students a max capacity. If you are only providing one course and the course fills up and you have more interest, we also provide many public CPR classes that they may attend as well. Feel free to browse or public training schedule here.

We have many CPR certification classes to choose from, and our team at Kansas City First Aid is able to help you identify which course is best for your workplace team. If your workplace has an AED program in place, you might decide to choose our Heartsaver Adult First Aid Training with CPR and AED course to best suit your needs.

At Kansas City First Aid, we help clients make sure their workplaces are safe and their employees are prepared in case of a medical emergency. Our private onsite and public training courses are held all across the Kansas City Metro Area, including Jackson and Johnson Counties. If you are interested in making sure your employees are prepared for an emergency and wish to provide CPR certification, contact us by email, or call us at the number below with any question you have about which course is a best fit for your business.

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