CPR Certification Work Place Courses

CPR Certification Work Place Courses

CPR certification is not just for healthcare workers, and at Kansas City First Aid, we offer work place courses to help you and your staff to be prepared in case of an emergency.  Basic life-saving skills are important and we offer CPR certification on-site.

Our Heartsaver CPR/AED course teaches the basic techniques of adult and child CPR and how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED). The course also teaches how to recognize the signs of heart attack, stroke, cardiac arrest, and foreign-body airway obstruction. Infant CPR may be taught if students live or work in a setting where infants are present.

This CPR certification course provides certification to use a public access AED and satisfies the requirements for anyone who needs certification or recertification as part of an early access defibrillation program. The course is modular, meaning there are two course options depending upon which modules you choose: Adult/Child or Adult/Child/Infant.

Signing up your team for onsite CPR certification is easy. You have the ability to choose the best course for your team, and must have a minimum 6 participants for onsite training. We can accommodate up to 24 participants in any one class, but this largely depends on your training room facilities. Please reach out to us by email or phone so we can help set up the right certification class for you.

We do have specific onsite location requirements to be able to conduct classes in your workspace, as well as a list of training fees, payment options and how to schedule your onsite CPR certification course here.

CPR Certification Work Place Courses

CPR Certification Work Place Courses Are Available Now

We know that illnesses and injuries can happen suddenly in the workplace. If you know how to recognize an emergency and know what to do, you can make the difference between a quick recovery or a long illness; or you may make the difference between life and death.

If you are in the Kansas City Metro Area including Jackson County in Missouri and Johnson County in Kansas, and want to make sure your staff are ready for a workplace emergency, contact us today to schedule your onsite CPR certification course today, or feel free to call us at (913) 980-5245 with any questions you have regarding CPR and AED training.