eMinder Reminder Service With Kansas City First Aid

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Our eMinder reminder service is available to make sure your program certifications do not expire! At Kansas City First Aid, we know that it can be difficult to remember when certification expiration dates are approaching, so we are providing a FREE reminder service for all of our customers!

eMinder #324696921 (AdobeStock) Kansas City First Aid

eMinder Is Available Now To Help Keep You Up-To-Date On Certification Expirations

First Aid, AED, and CPR certifications do not last forever, and will need recertification to stay up-to-date. This is especially important for healthcare workers that need certification as part of their employment contracts. We are happy to keep you on track with our eMinder reminder service.

To take advantage of this free reminder service, sign-up on our website here, and remember to select the type of eMinder you wish to receive. We will contact you to in advance of your certification expiration to reschedule new certifications so there is no lapse!

For First Aid, AED, CPR certification eMinder, we will remind you by email or by phone call For First Aid Supplies, we will send you a monthly reminder email to check your first aid kits for expiration dates an adequate supplies. If you have an AED, we will send out an email every month reminding you to check your AED as recommended by the FDA. We’ll even attach a checklist for you to use for documentation!

If you are in the Kansas City Metro Area, including Jackson County, MO and Johnson County, KS and need a little help with First Aid, AED, and CPR certification reminders, let Kansas City First Aid be your reminder through eMinder. Sign up online for this FREE service, and contact us at 913-980-5245 with any questions you have about your recertification process.

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