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Kansas City First Aid provides several different first aid classes designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to respond effectively in emergencies. Whether you’re interested in basic first aid, CPR and AED training, or pediatric first aid, these classes can help you develop the confidence and competence necessary to save lives and provide immediate care when it matters most. Investing in first aid training benefits you and the communities you live in, as you become a valuable asset in times of crisis.
  • Adult First Aid:
This basic first aid class is an ideal starting point for individuals seeking to gain essential first aid skills. This class covers fundamental concepts such as wound care, bandaging techniques, handling burns, splinting fractures, and managing medical emergencies like heart attacks and strokes. Participants will learn to recognize and respond to common injuries and illnesses, enabling them to provide immediate care until professional help arrives.
  • CPR and AED Training:
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) training are crucial skills that can save lives in critical situations. Kansas City First Aid offers comprehensive CPR and AED classes that equip participants with the knowledge and confidence to perform high-quality CPR and effectively use an AED device. Participants will learn the correct techniques for chest compressions, rescue breaths, and operating an AED, enabling them to respond promptly to cardiac arrest scenarios.
  • Pediatric First Aid:
The Pediatric First Aid class is invaluable for individuals who work with or care for children. This class focuses on specific first aid techniques tailored to infants and children, addressing their unique medical needs and potential emergencies. Participants will learn about child CPR, choking relief, allergic reactions, common childhood injuries, and the importance of childproofing environments. Completing this class allows caregivers and professionals to provide appropriate care for children during emergencies.
Kansas City First Aid offers a range of training classes to suit your different needs and schedules. If you reside within the KC metro area or Jackson and Johnson Counties, contact Kansas City First Aid to schedule your onsite or public first aid training class now! Give us a call at 913-980-5245 or send an email to