First Aid Training Classes Offered


Kansas City First Aid offers several different types of first aid training classes. Kansas City First Aid specializes in teaching CPR classes, BLS Certification, AED, and First Aid training; offering both public and private classes to the entire Kansas City metro area. Accidents will always happen – because of this, properly trained individuals and the right first aid training and equipment ensure better safety for everyone.

Today, many first aid training courses are “blended,” which means a great portion of the instruction occurs online instead of in person. Traditional, instructor-led training that allows participants to complete the coursework in one setting IS available for large groups or corporate settings with Kansas City First Aid’s help. Once you’ve passed the required lessons and accompanying skills, you’ll complete your certification with a hands-on, in-person training at one of our locations, or in the privacy of your own home.

Why should someone have first aid training? Without the proper first aid care, a simple injury could turn into an emergency. Many fatalities occurring from accidents and emergency situations are due to lack of immediate medical treatment. First aid training doesn’t just facilitate recovery. It helps save lives! Some of the first aid training classes offered through Kansas City First Aid are

· Heartsaver Adult First Aid Training: The American Heart Association and OSHA have formed an alliance to help raise awareness about heart disease and stroke. This course provides essential information and first aid training recommended by OSHA to maintain life until emergency medical personnel arrive. 
· Heartsaver Adult First Aid Training with CPR and AED: As an American Heart Association Training Site, we specialize in Heartsaver First aid/CPR/AED training for community early defibrillation programs. This comprehensive class teaches the rescuer the knowledge and skills they need to recognize emergencies on the worksite and give first aid, CPR, or use an AED.
· Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid Training: The Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid Course covers first aid training basics, medical emergencies, injury emergencies, and environmental emergencies. This course also includes asthma care training for childcare providers, eye Injuries, fever, snake, poisonous spider, scorpion, tick, marine animal bites/stings, and suspected abuse.

· Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid Training with CPR and AED: The Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid with CPR and AED Course covers all of the pediatric first aid training topics with the addition of adult and pediatric CPR, and the use of a public access defibrillator (AED). 

If you don’t know what first aid training is right for your needs, please give us a call and we’ll happily work with you or your organization to find what works. Kansas City First Aid also has a local calendar where you can sign up for the first aid training classes.

Servicing the entire Kansas City metro area including Jackson County, Missouri and Johnson County, Kansas, we’re sure to find a class that fits your specific needs. To schedule an on-site first aid training class, email or contact Kansas City First Aid at (913) 980-5245. Or you can check out our list of public classes here