Is BLS Certification the same as CPR Certification?


You may have wondered if a BLS certification and a CPR certification are the same thing? And, if they are not the same, what makes them different? The BLS certification and the CPR certification are similar and require some of the same skills.  However, technically, they are different, yet still go hand in hand. To put things into perspective, being BLS certified takes an overall higher level of training that is not required with your CPR certification, and you must be qualified in order to use BLS. Let’s take a look at both certifications for a better understanding.

What is a BLS Certification?

Basic Life Support Certification also referred to as BLS Certification is a training course designed to teach a higher level of medical treatment and is performed by public safety professionals, first responders, qualified bystanders, paramedics, and healthcare providers. BLS provides you with the training you need in order to assist someone who is in respiratory distress or cardiac arrest, life-saving care until they are able to reach a hospital for more advanced medical attention. In this course you will learn initial patient assessment, rescue breathing with protective equipment such as a face shield, pocket mask and bag valve device and CPR.

What is a CPR Certification?

CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.  In order to receive your CPR Certification, you will attend a training course teaching an emergency procedure technique that consists of chest compressions and artificial ventilation. CPR is used to assist someone who has either stopped breathing, heart has stopped or who is choking and can be administered by either an untrained bystander or first responder. So where can you go to become certified in these life-saving skills?

Kansas City First Aid is an Authorized Training Site of the American Heart Association partnered with the University of Kansas Hospital Heart Association Training Center. Kansas City First Aid offers training in both BLS certification and CPR certification for Kansas City Metro residents residing within Johnson and Jackson Counties. Their unique accommodating training options allow you to choose between on-site private classes and public local classes. If you’ve had previous CPR training and are just needing your recertification, they have an online training class as well. Contact Kansas City First Aid at 913-980-5245 to schedule your BLS Certification today!