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Our CPR certification classes can come to you. KC First Aid

Our CPR Certification Classes Can Come To You!

November 22, 2022

Our CPR Certification Classes are conveniently offered throughout the Kansas City Metro area including Jackson and Johnson Counties at your facility, workplace, or school. With Kansas City First Aid, you will receive the best — from certified instructors, state-of-the-art training aids to customized classes to fit your needs! What is CPR Certification? This course will…

Why you need CPR training, KC First Aid

Why You Need CPR Training

November 8, 2022

Everyone needs CPR training, cites safebeat.org, to know how to respond to a cardiac or airway emergency. Imagine knowing what to do if a loved one, coworker, or stranger out in public collapses, stops breathing or has cardiac arrest. Simply put, CPR training can save a life. During cardiac arrest, the heart stops pumping blood, and…


First Aid Training Classes Offered

October 25, 2022

Kansas City First Aid offers several different types of first aid training classes. Kansas City First Aid specializes in teaching CPR classes, BLS Certification, AED, and First Aid training; offering both public and private classes to the entire Kansas City metro area. Accidents will always happen – because of this, properly trained individuals and the right first…


BLS Classes: We Come to You!

October 11, 2022

Basic Life Support (BLS classes) Certification classes are offered through KC First Aid in Kansas City, MO. BLS classes are teaching a level care that patients will receive in the event of an emergency. Kansas City First Aid can help you find a BLS classes that best suits your needs. For those already working in the healthcare…

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CPR Certification Classes Available On-Site for Your Team

September 27, 2022

CPR certification classes through Kansas City First Aid are available on-site for your team, at your location! We know that each of our clients are unique in terms of their resources and training needs when it comes to life saving skills in the workplace. With our onsite training program, you select the CPR certification class…

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BLS Certification Classes For Your Team, At Your Location

September 13, 2022

BLS certification classes are available for your team, and at your location! For those who work a medical setting, Kansas City First Aid has many BLS certification courses that can keep your current workforce up to date with their certification status. For onsite private training to occur, you must guarantee a minimum of six participants,…

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eMinder Reminder Service With Kansas City First Aid

August 23, 2022

Our eMinder reminder service is available to make sure your program certifications do not expire! At Kansas City First Aid, we know that it can be difficult to remember when certification expiration dates are approaching, so we are providing a FREE reminder service for all of our customers! First Aid, AED, and CPR certifications do…

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BLS Certification Classes Near Me? Look To Kansas City First Aid

August 11, 2022

BLS certification classes available are near you, and Kansas City First Aid can help you find a course that best suits your needs. For those already working in the healthcare field, or anyone interested in entering the healthcare field, we have courses available that provide training through the American Heart Association. We have unique clients…

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AED Program Management Information

July 26, 2022

AED program management services must be provided by an outside agency that specializes in professional medical direction and ongoing oversight. Kansas City First Aid is your local AED program management agency in the Kansas City Metro Area! We have teamed up with Dr. Kuttenkuler to provide ongoing medical direction and oversight to make sure your…

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CPR Classes Near Me? Look To Kansas City First Aid!

July 12, 2022

CPR classes are near you, and you can look to Kansas City First Aid to schedule your classes now! Illnesses and injury can happen anywhere, and knowing CPR can make the difference between a quick recovery or a long illness. In order to recognize and know what to do in an emergency, CPR classes are…