Our CPR Certification Classes Can Come To You!

Our CPR certification classes can come to you. KC First Aid

Our CPR Certification Classes are conveniently offered throughout the Kansas City Metro area including Jackson and Johnson Counties at your facility, workplace, or school. With Kansas City First Aid, you will receive the best — from certified instructors, state-of-the-art training aids to customized classes to fit your needs!

What is CPR Certification?

This course will teach the basic techniques of adult and child CPR. Students also learn to use barrier devices in CPR and giving first aid for choking in the responsive victim. CPR is a basic life-saving technique that anyone can use in their daily life. It is the recommended first class in learning first-aid methods. In the course you will learn to recognize the signs of 3 major emergencies: heart attack, stroke, and choking. Each class attendant will receive CPR Certification upon completion of this one-day training.

Kansas City First Aid CPR Certification At Your Location

Since all our client’s training needs are unique, we do our best to accommodate in all our classes. Our onsite training program allows you to select the American Heart Association class that is most relevant to your needs. You also select the date and start time! This is however subject to the availability of an instructor
All of our courses include a two year certification from a nationally accredited program, American Heart Association, Medic First Aid or ASHI.

Preparing For Onsite Training

The freedom of location choice is yours! Regardless of if you choose one of our spots, or one of yours, we will need a TV/DVD player, conference room type table or folding tables, and chairs for each participant to conduct onsite training. Manikin practice for courses are done on a tabletop – no more getting down on the floor to practice. Please let us know which location you will be utilizing when you contact us. We will come to YOUR location and provide everything for a personalized onsite training class including:
  • Certified Instructors
  • Training Supplies
  • Student Workbooks (purchased separately)

You must guarantee a minimum of six participants for onsite CPR Certification training. We can accommodate up to 24 participants in any one class, but that is really dependent upon your training room. We have public classrooms throughout the metropolitan area that are available should you not have adequate training facilities at your location. We can schedule additional classes to accommodate any number of participants.

To learn more about our training rates and course descriptions, click here.

If you are in the Kansas City Metro Area including Jackson County, MO and Johnson County, KS and need CPR Certification classes, we can help set up the best course option for you today. To schedule onsite training send us an email customerservice@kcfirstaid.com or contact our office at (913) 980-5245. Our staff will be happy to schedule your next class.
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