Receive Your First Aid Training. You Could Save a Life!

First Aid Training Kansas City First Aid You Could Save a Life

By receiving your First Aid training, you will have the knowledge and skill set to potentially save a life. An accident can happen at any time. Whether you’re at work, school or a sports facility, your first aid training can prevent a minor medical emergency from becoming a critical situation. 

In a first aid training course, everyday people like you and I with non-medical backgrounds will learn how to provide assistance in most emergency situations. Kansas City First Aid has several training courses in which you can become equipped to apply learned life saving techniques to assist those in a crisis until further medical help arrives.

Heartsaver Adult First Aid Training is a basic first aid training course that includes covering first aid basics, medical and injury emergencies, and environmental emergencies.  Trainees will watch highly effective videos involving familiar case-based plots in a realistic setting in which students practice the skill one at a time while watching the video. The instructor also introduces different scenarios for discussion.

Heartsaver Adult First Aid Training with CPR and AED includes basic first aid training along with adult and child CPR and the use of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator). Infant CPR could possibly be taught if students live or work in settings where infants are nearby. This course teaches the rescuer the knowledge and physical activity skills they need to recognize emergencies at the worksite and give first aid until the arrival of EMS.

Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid Training partnered with your basic first aid training provides Asthma care training for childcare providers, eye injuries, fever, snake, poisonous spider, scorpion, tick, marine animal bites and stings and suspected abuse. There is also a Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid Training with CPR and AED that teaches the same skills as the adult course, but is catered to those who work or come in contact with children.

If you reside within the KC metro area or Jackson and Johnson Counties, contact Kansas City First Aid to schedule your onsite or public first aid training class now! Give us a call at 913-980-5245 or send an email to