Top 4 Reasons To Take CPR Classes

CPR Classes Kansas City First Aid 182735346

CPR classes are important to take in order to recognize and know what to do in an emergency. Illnesses and injury can happen anywhere, and knowing CPR can make the difference between a quick recovery or a long illness. Here are our top five reasons why you should take CPR classes:

CPR Classes Kansas City First Aid 182735346

CPR Classes Are Important And Your Should Attend This Year

Saving Lives

The difference between life and death can be measured by knowing how to perform CPR in an emergency, and how quickly emergency medical help arrives on scene. Our CPR classes help you to understand the basics of life-saving techniques for adults and children, including how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED), as well as recognizing the signs of heart attack, stroke and choking. Students in our courses also learn to use barrier devices in CPR and giving first aid for choking in a responsive victim.

Emergencies Can Occur In the Workplace

We know that emergencies can occur in the workplace. We have designed our CPR classes to be instructed in the workplace as well as other classrooms. Employers can take advantage of onsite private CPR training for their staff in order to keep their employees calm and ready to help in an emergency. You can get more information about our workplace courses here.

CPR Skills With Certification

In some instances, being certified in CPR can help advance your career. All healthcare workers or anyone working in the healthcare sector may need to be certified in CPR for the benefit of their job. We offer American Heart Association Healthcare Provider courses designed for healthcare workers in a wide variety of settings. A written/skills evaluation is necessary after taking this course for completion of the certificate.

Boosts Confidence

No one is ever truly prepared for an emergency, however, being certified in our CPR classes gives you the confidence you need to take action in a calm manner if an emergency arises. Most bystanders are reluctant to give life-saving assistance for many factors, including a fear of hurting the victim. However, having the skills and knowledge gives you the expertise you need to provide life-saving measures until emergency medical professionals arrive. We offer public CPR classes and First Aid training.

CPR classes are available for everyone, even if you’re not working in a medical setting. Being prepared for an emergency is important to our surrounding community. If you are in the Kansas City Metro area including Jackson County, MO and Johnson County, KS and would like more information on CPR classes, contact us today at Kansas City First Aid to schedule a course that is right for you, or feel free to call us at (913) 980-5245 with any questions you have regarding CPR classes.


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