What is an AED Program?

AED Program Kansas City First Aid What is an AED Program

An AED program is a process put into place to ensure that AED’s are available and quickly accessible whenever needed. You never know when an emergency situation may occur, and someone is experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. You have under ten minutes to save the person’s life, and even less time to prevent irreparable brain and organ damage. Providing rapid medical attention will determine whether or not the victim lives or dies. Life-saving tactics and skills will need to come into play. By having an AED program in place, you can help save that person’s life.

The American Red Cross Association recommends having AED programs in areas where there is an extreme possibility of observed cardiac arrest. Some of these places include airports, sports facilities, locations where large groups of people are gathered, schools, the workplace and even in your own home. Yes, your own home. More than 80% of cardiac arrest victims have experienced the attack in their own homes.

In order to guarantee that your AED program is successful, here are a few things you should know:

  • In most cases, the person or institution obtaining an AED, must ensure that expected users receive training in CPR and AED use as part of a course provided by the American Red Cross, American Heart Association, or another nationally recognized organization. The person may also need to provide proof of a CPR certificate.
  • A planned and practiced response, usually requiring a healthcare provider’s oversight is needed.
  • There has to be a program management plan in place ensuring that the device is in working order and has ongoing quality improvement. 
  •  An AED Program Implementation Guide and AED Program Implementation Checklist are recommended.

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