Why You Need CPR Training

Why you need CPR training, KC First Aid

Everyone needs CPR training, cites safebeat.org, to know how to respond to a cardiac or airway emergency. Imagine knowing what to do if a loved one, coworker, or stranger out in public collapses, stops breathing or has cardiac arrest. Simply put, CPR training can save a life.

During cardiac arrest, the heart stops pumping blood, and brain death occurs as soon as four minutes later. By providing CPR to the victim, you will be supplying blood to all vital organs. Did you know that the chances of survival for cardiac arrest victims doubles when CPR is started within the first two minutes?

The CDC states, “Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men, women, and people of most racial and ethnic groups in the United States. One person dies every 34 seconds in the United States from cardiovascular disease.” These facts alone show how important it is for you to take CPR training.

What is CPR Training?

CPR is a basic life-saving technique that anyone can use in daily life. It is the recommended first class for learning first-aid methods. This course will teach the basic techniques of adult and child CPR. Students also learn to use barrier devices in CPR and giving first aid for choking in the responsive victim. The course teaches how to recognize the signs of 3 major emergencies: heart attack, stroke, and choking. Each class attendant will receive CPR Certification upon completion of this one-day training.
All of our courses include a two year certification from a nationally accredited program, American Heart Association, Medic First Aid or ASHI.

CPR Education is For All Ages!

Children as young as 7 can be introduced to CPR training techniques. This is an important skill to practice and refresh your memory on, no matter your age.
We even offer an at-home virtual training option that teaches Adult and Child CPR in just 22 minutes! Check out Family & Friends CPR Anytime to learn more.

Become a Lifesaver, Not a Bystander

Our classes are fun and interactive. Kansas City First Aid will equip you with the right tools and teach you how to respond in a cardiac or airway emergency. 

CPR Training with Kansas City First Aid

If you are in the Kansas City Metro Area including Jackson County, MO and Johnson County, KS, we can help set up the best course option for you today. To schedule onsite training send us an email customerservice@kcfirstaid.com or contact our office at (913) 980-5245. Our staff will be happy to schedule your next class.
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